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Startup recruitment for Executives and team building

At Ready Set Exec, we are dedicated to serving as your growth partners within the dynamic world of Tech Startups. Our commitment to this sector sets us apart as trusted executive recruiters. Amid the dynamic realm of Tech Startups, partnering with Ready Set Exec is your strategic choice for finding top talent and fostering your business’s growth. We excel in executive recruitment across sales, marketing, human resources, and business operations to ensure that your Tech Startup has the team it needs from Seed stage to beyond.

Marketing Executive Recruiters

Within the fast-paced landscape of Tech Startups, the need for innovative marketing leaders is paramount. At Ready Set Exec, our team of seasoned marketing recruiters understands the unique challenges presented by this industry. We recognize the importance of our partnership in finding individuals who can drive marketing strategies and facilitate rapid growth. Through our extensive network and marketing expertise, we connect businesses with marketers who are hands on and can do more with limited budgets to start.

Tech Talent Acquisition Specialists

Recruiting and retaining top tech talent is a critical factor for the growth of any startup. Ready Set Exec understands that finding tech professionals who possess the technical expertise and align with the mission and culture of your Tech Startup is essential. We ensure that our partnership with startups helps them connect with top-tier candidates who can drive innovation, foster growth, and ensure a sustainable future.

Human Resources & Business Operations Recruiters

The success of Tech Startups relies on effective operations and growth strategies. Our team of human resources and business operations recruiters at Ready Set Exec understands the significance of placing the right professionals in these pivotal roles. We collaborate with startups to source leaders who can navigate the complexities of the tech industry and create a solid foundation for further growth. From efficient resource management to scaling operations, we ensure that your Tech Startup aligns seamlessly with your vision of growth.

Sales Recruiters

Sales are a key driver of revenue for any Tech Startup, and finding professionals who can successfully boost sales is crucial. Ready Set Exec specializes in identifying sales talents who not only possess the necessary skills but also align with the culture and vision of your Tech Startup. Our customized approach to sales recruitment ensures that we partner with businesses to connect them with top-tier candidates who can drive revenue, foster growth, and ensure a sustainable future.

Supporting you with talent through your companies life cycle

We help startups build their launch teams and support them with full time or fractional talent as they scale.

  • Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Growth Officer, Head of Sales, Vice President or Director of Sales, Sales Manager, Account Executives, Business Development Representatives
  • Chief Human Resource Officer, Chief People Officer, Head of Talent, Head of HR, Director of HR, Human Resource Business Partner, HR Manager, Talent Acquisition
  • Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Marketing, Vice President or Director of Marketing, Marketing Manager, Digital Specialist (ABM, Email, PPC, Programmatic), Customer Success Manager
  • Chief Operations Officer, Head of Operations, Vice President or Director of Operations, Operations Manager
  • And more…
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