RPO & Embedded Services for Volume & Team Builds

Optimized Recruitment Process Outsourcing to Help Build a High-Quality Team Fast

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a business strategy in which an organization outsources some or all of its recruitment processes to a third-party provider. RPO offers several benefits to companies looking to streamline their hiring processes and improve talent acquisition. For multi-hires, seasonal spikes or volume recruitment, Ready Set Exec RPO is your solution!

READY SET EXEC, is your trusted RPO provider, offers a multitude of benefits to elevate your recruitment process:

  • Cost SavingsWe excel in reducing recruitment costs through efficient processes and economies of scale, which means reduced spending on advertising, job boards, and in-house recruitment teams

  • Time EfficiencyWith our dedicated focus on recruiting, we expedite the hiring process, ensuring faster candidate sourcing, screening, and interview scheduling
  • Access to TalentREADY SET EXEC boasts extensive networks and resources for talent acquisition. We tap into a broader pool of candidates, including passive job seekers who may not be actively searching for new opportunities
  • ScalabilityOur RPO services are highly adaptable, catering to your company’s hiring needs. This flexibility is especially valuable during periods of rapid growth or contraction
  • Metrics & ReportingWe provide comprehensive reporting and analytics on recruitment performance, enabling data-driven decisions and continuous improvement of your hiring processes
  • ExpertiseWe are recruitment specialists, staying current with industry trends, technology, and best practices. Our expertise leads to better-quality hires for your organization
  • Compliance & Risk ManagementWe possess a deep understanding of labor laws, regulations, and compliance requirements, helping your company minimize legal risks associated with hiring
  • Improved Candidate ExperienceREADY SET EXEC prioritizes creating a positive candidate experience, enhancing your employer brand and reputation
  • Focus on Core ActivitiesBy outsourcing recruitment to us, your HR departments and hiring managers can redirect their focus to core business functions, unburdened by administrative recruitment tasks
  • Diversity & InclusionWe actively help organizations diversify their candidate pipelines and implement strategies to enhance diversity and inclusion within their workforce

Project Based RPO

For multi-hires of the same position or building a cohesive team, READY SET EXEC will embed senior c-suite executive recruiters into your company to work on project-based recruitment. Recommended for five and more hires or engaging with us on building a long term talent pipeline. Access to a dedicated client portal with all roles and candidates available for review and feedback, integration of our c-suite executive recruiter in your organization’s internal communication channel. Monthly service fee based on level of recruiting needed and duration of contract, minimum 3 month commitment, with rates starting as low as $17,500 per month per c-suite executive recruiter.

Embedded Contract C-Suite Executive Recruitment

An embedded Senior c-suite executive recruiter from READY SET EXEC will act as an extension of your talent acquisition team, enabling you to have a dedicated talent partner and scale up your team. We have built entire Executive C-Suites and sales/marketing/human resources/operations teams with this approach. Monthly service fee based on level of recruiting needed and duration of contract, minimum 3-month commitment, with rates starting as low as $17,500 per month per c-suite executive recruiter.

On-Demand Candidates

READY SET EXEC also offers ON-DEMAND candidates for our RPO solution in groups of 10, 25 and 50. This gives your organization a monthly candidate pool to pull from to scale up your team. Our team will do all initial screening and present qualified candidates, booking the first interview with your team as handoff. Qualified interview ready Candidates can be acquired with a fee per candidate ranging from $1000 to $5000 USD.

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