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Optimized Recruitment Process Outsourcing to Help Build a High-Quality Team Fast

Need strategic or project-based support for your business but don’t know where to turn? READY SET EXEC has built a vast network of qualified executives for fractional & contract recruitment. We can connect you to the right fractional executive or contractor who can support your business. Any referral made has been fully vetted and we have built a strong network across most industry verticals to be able to offer you the niche experience needed for strategic problems your company needs resolved.

READY SET EXEC offers two distinct types of specialized roles:

Fractional Roles:

  • Fractional consultants work part-time, dedicating a portion of their workweek to your company.
  • These engagements are typically ongoing, lasting from a minimum of three months up to an average of 18 months.
  • They provide continuous support and expertise in areas where your company may lack in-house resources or knowledge, helping you solve problems and complete essential projects.
  • Fractional consultants deliver cost-effective solutions for businesses that require specialized expertise without the need for a full-time executive or department.

Interim Roles:

  • Interim consultants are brought in for a specific period, often to fill temporary leadership gaps or address specific projects or crises.
  • These roles are typically time-bound, spanning from weeks to a few months, depending on the assignment’s nature.
  • Interim consultants provide immediate leadership, strategic guidance, or project management while your company searches for a permanent replacement or addresses specific challenges.
  • Common interim roles include interim CEOs, interim project managers, and interim crisis management consultants.
  • Interim consultants excel at making a rapid impact and facilitating smooth transitions during periods of change or uncertainty.

Fractional Roles

Types of Roles we Regularly Place

  • Fractional GTM (Go-To-Market) leadership
  • Fractional Chief Revenue Officer
  • Fractional Chief Product Officer
  • Fractional Technology Officer
  • Fractional Chief Marketing Officer
  • Fractional Chief Operations Officer
  • Fractional Chief People Officer

Contract Solutions

READY SET EXEC is your go-to executive search firm for US executive staffing solutions, specializing in Sales executive search, Marketing executive recruitment, Operations executive search agency, and HR executive search in the USA. Our team of seasoned fractional/contract recruitment specialists excels in C-suite executive recruitment and is widely recognized as top executive search consultants in the industry.

At READY SET EXEC, we specialize in connecting businesses with highly skilled contract hires for short-term projects in Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Human Resources. We understand the importance of agility in today’s competitive landscape, and contract employees offer numerous advantages. They provide companies with swift access to specialized talent for specific projects, allowing for adaptability in response to changing market conditions. By entrusting project-specific responsibilities to experts in their respective fields, businesses can maintain focus on their core competencies, ultimately enhancing overall operational effectiveness.

Contract roles in the job market encompass a variety of arrangements where individuals work for a company for a specific period, often with a predetermined end date or task completion. These roles bring significant benefits to both employers and employees. READY SET EXEC is your trusted partner for executive job placement, executive talent search, and leadership recruitment agency services. Count on us for senior-level executive hires that elevate your business’s performance and success.

Fixed Term Contracts Benefits:

  • Predictable Duration: Fixed-term contracts have a clear start and end date, making it easier for both the employer and employee to plan.
  • Flexibility: Employers can hire for temporary or seasonal work, specific projects, or to cover employee leaves, and employees can explore various opportunities.
  • Cost Control: Employers can manage labor costs more effectively, especially during peak seasons or when additional resources are needed.

Freelance or Independent Contractor Benefits:

  • Specialized Expertise: Employers can tap into a diverse talent pool and hire experts for specific projects or tasks.
  • Cost Efficiency: Companies save on employee benefits, office space, and long-term commitments.
  • Flexibility: Freelancers have control over their work hours and can often work remotely.
  • Reduced Administrative Burden: Employers don’t have to manage taxes, benefits, or other HR-related tasks for freelancers.

Temporary Role Benefits:

  • Quick Resource Availability: Temporary workers can be quickly brought in to address immediate staffing needs.
  • Seasonal Support: Businesses can easily scale up or down during peak seasons or periods of increased demand.
  • Risk Mitigation: Temporary employees can help spread the risk associated with business fluctuations.

Contract-to-Hire Benefits:

  • Trial Period: Employers can assess an employee’s fit with the company culture and job requirements before offering permanent employment.
  • Flexibility: Employees have the opportunity to evaluate the company and role before committing to a long-term position.
  • Reduced Hiring Risk: It allows employers to make more informed hiring decisions, potentially reducing turnover.

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