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Operating both virtually and through offices across North America, our team bridges clients and candidates throughout Canada and the United States, consistently identifying and positioning premier talent from one end of the continent to the other.

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Please contact us directly to make an appointment. No walk-in appointments will be accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am Unsure About our Hiring Process and Compension for a New Hire, Can you Help?2023-10-17T14:50:43+00:00

Absolutely and we would enjoy partnering with you to discuss the position, recommended salary ranges, crafting a job description and anything else we can help with to ensure a successful hire. We typically recommend a three interview system on the client side, involving an initial screen with your human resources, a second interview with a leader/direct manager and a final interview with a panel of stakeholders in the hiring decision.

What is Expected of Clients in the Search Process?2023-10-17T14:27:03+00:00

Great question! With READY SET EXEC, you will receive a high level of service. This includes weekly face-to-face video meetings to update you on the status of the search, along with a client collaboration portal where you can review search activity, candidates and provide constant feedback. Our process involves a high level of collaboration and this requires that you are available to connect, provide feedback and interview in a timely manner. As a client partner, we would appreciate clear communication, mutual trust and respect and patience as some searches are more challenging than others.

What is the Average Time to Fill a Vacancy?2023-10-17T14:29:02+00:00

Overall, our fill rate is over 95% with the majority of searches lasting 45 days from inception. This timeline includes the search start and ramp up, a candidate going through our recruitment process, then client interviews, then an offer being negotiated. The candidate will also give notice to their employer which can be two to four weeks.

How does your Guarantee Work?2023-10-17T14:30:45+00:00

Our standard guarantee period is for 90 days. This allows you to have a full quarter of performance with your new hire. If the candidate’s performance is not satisfactory, then READY SET EXEC will find a one time replacement candidate that meets your hiring criteria. Usually, we are able to go back to our active candidate pool and find one of the top candidates for you or we will conduct the search again. The one time guarantee does not extend the guarantee period, rather it is a fulfillment of our promise to ensure you have a candidate for hire. When making a new hire, having a structured and thoughtful onboarding process, training and a healthy work environment contributes to successfully integrating your new employee and increasing your employee retention.

What’s the Difference Between Contingent and a Retained Search?2023-10-17T14:33:27+00:00

Retained search involves a significant upfront financial commitment from the client, typically paid in three instalments: one-third upfront, one-third upon interviewing, and the final third upon hiring. This commitment signifies a strong dedication to finding the right candidate and ensures that the recruiting firm allocates substantial time and resources to the search process. In contrast, contingent searches require no payment until a candidate is hired. While this may seem like a lower-risk option, it often results in less commitment, time, energy and resources from the recruiting firm. Contingent searches are typically deprioritized in favor of retained searches, and resources are allocated accordingly.

Contingent searches are ideal for those seeking speed and volume in the recruitment process, typically in more transactional environments. They are recommended for filling entry-level or mid-level roles that can be filled within 30 days. On the other hand, a retained search represents a true partnership between the client and the search firm. It entails a firm commitment from the recruiting company to fill the role effectively. Executive searches, a type of retained search, tend to have a higher success rate, ranging from 80% to 95%, compared to the average success rate of around 15% for contingent searches.

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