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In the dynamic aerospace & defense sector, READY SET EXEC is your trusted, C-Suite level recruitment firm in North America, specializing in Sales executive search, Marketing executive search, Operations executive search, and HR executive search. As leading executive headhunters in the United States, we are your go-to source for C-suite executive recruitment and professional roles.

Our approach to executive talent acquisition and senior management recruitment is meticulous, featuring thorough, multi-step process that precisely assess candidates’ expertise. At READY SET EXEC, we understand the intricate demands of talent acquisition in the aerospace and defense sector. Our mission is to connect you with the right talent for your organization, ensuring that you have the leaders you need to navigate the complexities of this industry successfully.

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The aerospace and defence industry is a diverse landscape, encompassing companies involved in the design, development, production, and support of aircraft, spacecraft, defence systems, and related technologies. To meet the demands of this multifaceted sector, you need a trusted partner like READY SET EXEC. Our executive search services in the USA and Canada offer executive job placement, executive talent search, and leadership recruitment agency services tailored to your needs. Whether you’re seeking Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Operations Officers or Chief People Officers, we deliver senior-level executive hires and executive staffing solutions that elevate your organization across the aerospace and defence field:

  • Aircraft, Spacecraft & Satellite Manufacturers
  • Defence Contractors
  • Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Providers
  • Avionics & Electronics Manufacturers
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Aerospace & Defence Engineering & Consulting
  • Space Tourism & Commercial Spaceflight Companies
  • Aerospace Research & Development Organizations
  • Industry-Specific Software & Technology Providers
  • Satellite & Space Launch Providers
  • Training & Simulation Providers
  • Support & Logistics Providers
  • And more…
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The aerospace and defence industry is highly diversified and plays a crucial role in national security, commercial aviation, space exploration, and technological advancement. Companies within this sector often collaborate with government agencies, such as the military and space agencies, as well as commercial partners to develop cutting-edge technologies and systems. Working together with your internal team, READY SET EXEC can meet your specific recruitment and regulatory needs. 

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