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C-suite executive recruitment is an art and science of identifying and securing top-tier leadership talent. These pivotal roles drive the strategic direction, culture, and overall success of an organization. With our extensive network, deep industry insights, and a keen understanding of leadership dynamics, we ensure that your company is matched with the executive talent that not only fits the role technically but also aligns seamlessly with your corporate vision and values. Experience the difference of executive searches tailored to excellence with us.

Partnership Executive
Our top tier service option with an over 98% fulfillment rate, including white glove service with a dedicated READY SET EXEC Client Manager and C-Suite Executive Recruiter, client portal access, candidate pool ownership for 6 months, and our 90-day guarantee. 

Our Partnership Executive recruiting option and highest level of service, with a READY SET EXEC client manager and c-suite executive recruiter along with exclusive access to our client collaboration portal, candidate pool ownership for 6 months and a 90-day guarantee. Highly recommended for executives or hard to fill roles. Our average fill time for executive roles is 45-60 days. Fees are based on a % of starting salary of the candidate hired.

  • 1/3 of estimated fee paid at commencement
  • 1/3 of estimated fee paid upon interviewing candidates
  • Final prorated amount paid upon successful hire

Contained Search
Our tier two service package includes a READY SET EXEC Client Manager and Recruiter, client portal access and our 90-day guarantee.

The Contained Search option includes a READY SET EXEC client manager and c-suite executive recruiter along with exclusive access to our client collaboration portal, and a 90-day guarantee. A project fee is charged at interview, and the prorated remainder invoiced upon hire. Fee structure is based on the % of salary for the candidate hired.

Contingent Search
Our third tier service package includes a streamlined and flexible hiring process, no upfront costs and our 90-day guarantee.

We offer Contingent Search options for clients looking for a streamlined process, flexibility, and no upfront cost. Our placements are covered by a 90-day guarantee. Fees are based on a % of salary of the candidate being hired, in general this is higher than our partnership option as there is no upfront commitment from you.

Our Executive Search Journey

Where Precision Meets Excellence

Our executive search process is a meticulous journey tailored to identify and secure top-tier leadership talent for our clients. Through a combination of in-depth industry insights, extensive networks, and a thorough understanding of company culture and goals, we ensure a seamless match between companies and the right executive leaders.

1. Discovery
During Discovery, we'll discover your hiring needs, learn your culture and desired work environment, then create custom criteria for a successful hire.
2. Alignment
During your alignment call, we'll preview your candidate pool and review a minimum of five profiles to ensure alignment and quality control on the search.
3. Collaboration
With weekly communication & access to our client portal, we'll provide you with candidates' progress updates, status and a dedicated communication channel.
4. Assessment
We'll assess the candidates of your choosing using a variety of method and create our list of finalists.
5. Talent Introduction
You'll be introduced to each finalist candidate with a talent portfolio & 30-second elevator pitch. You'll then select candidates to move forward for internal interviews.
6. Interview
Clients will put the finalists into their own internal interview process with READY SET EXEC supporting with candidate engagement and scheduling.
7. Hire
We back all hires with a 90-day guarantee and a post service follow up for the first year.

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